Matthew Christiansen

Multi-Media Director – Wedding Videographer – Outdoor Photography

Matt is an adventurer always looking for a new challenge, whether it’s raising his one-year-old Husky puppy named Denali or traveling cross country to photograph and document every National Park, he is ready for the ride. Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and is a passionate advocate for the outdoors and our National Parks. Having spent much of his professional career as a park ranger or “ambassador for the outdoors” as he would call it, Matt feels strongly about the preservation of our public lands.

Currently, Matt is a full-time Multi-Media Director and Videographer who helps non-profits and other brands express their unique message through the medium of film. He is an expert editor and producer and knows how to take action to get the right shot for his clients.

Matt began his journey in the wedding industry as a photographer, capturing the sweet moments of the day with his excellent attention to detail and masterful ability to frame a shot. Currently, Matthew offers a variety of packages to fit the needs of the bride and groom to be. Video packages include 4K resolution, multiple cameras capturing different perspectives, and even live streaming for your friends and family who cannot make it during these challenging times.   

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